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Elder Law

One of the greatest human achievements of the last 50 years, have been our medical breakthroughs, that have allowed us to live longer lives.

But at the same time, in our society, families tend to be smaller than in the past, we tend to move further away from our birthplaces, and economics demand that we have two-worker households. So, extended families are often not available to take care of an ever growing elderly population.

As we get older, and less able to take care of our own medical and financial needs, we must often rely on others to make crucial decisions for us. In addition, HIPAA regulations and confidentiality concerns, will not permit those ‘other’ people to speak to our doctors and financial institutions about our personal affairs. So, whereas, for a middle aged person, a Power of Attorney or a Medical Directive is primarily needed to deal with an unexpected emergency, for an elderly individual, these documents may become essential on a regular and recurring basis.

We can provide ‘enhanced’ documents that are specifically designed to deal with the needs of the elderly.

We can establish a ‘legal guardianship’ in the event that a person is totally incapable of handling any of their own affairs.

We can assist with “Medicaid planning”, to help someone qualify for Medicaid benefits, without ‘spending down’ all of your assets.

In the event that one spouse (the ‘well spouse’) is taking care of an incapacitated spouse, (or that spouse is in an assisted living facility or nursing home), we can tailor the joint Trust or the individual Last Wills, so that the death of either the incapacitated spouse, or the sudden death of the ‘well spouse’, will not produce unintended costly results.

Most of all, we can provide you with the insight and the planning, to provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones.